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ALMA's newsletter will be coming soon! We are soliciting articles, content, and videos from our membership.

All contributors will receive credit for their submissions and be recognized in the newsletter and on our website.

We are also adding a "MemberNews" section where members can submit brief announcements of new products, services, new hires or promotions... let the industry know what you're up to!

More details coming soon, or contact Barry Vogel at 978-772-6977 or email at

Iraclianos Re-elected President of ALMA!

ALMA is pleased to announce the re-election of Spiro Iraclianos as President of ALMA International. This will be his second term as President.

ALMA Has a New Vice President!

ALMA Is pleased to announce the election of Mark Beach to the position of Vice President of ALMA International. Mark has served as co-chair of the Winter Symposium Committee for the last 2 years. He assumes sole responsibility for that committee for 2014 in addition to his duties as Vice President.

ALMA Has A New Association Manager!

We would like to welcome Barry Vogel, our new Association Manager, to ALMA. Barry has experience in managing technical organizations and brings this knowledge and understanding to ALMA. He is filling the vacancy left by Carol Bousquet who left ALMA in September of this year.

The Winter Symposium is now behind us, and Barry will be hard at work to make ALMA a 12 month resource for the industry. Watch for changes. And get involved! If you have ideas, or want to get involved, reach out! This is YOUR association. Make it work for you. -




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 ALMA Appoints New Standards Committee Chair

 The new chair of the ALMA Standards Committee, John Busenitz, took over as Standards Committee Chair  from Spiro Iraclianos during the recent Winter Symposium Board of Directors annual meeting. Standards coordination is an important initiative of the Association of Loudspeaker Manufacturing and Acoustics International (ALMA). ALMA endeavors to provide a definitive list of standards for the loudspeaker and acoustic industries published by organizations such as ALMA, AES, EIA, CEA and others. To see a synopsis of the list and to read more click here.


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